Friday, March 20, 2009

Weird Tales

The original incarnation of pulp magazine Weird Tales was produced between March 1923 and September 1954. The magazine first published works by such notable authors as H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, and Robert E. Howard. Weird Tales was reincarnated several times after it's initial demise. One of the more successful versions debuted in 1988. Some covers from that run of the magazine are presented below. It featured stories by some of the top names in the fantasy and horror field plus covers and illustrations by some top-notch artists.

Spring 1988, cover art by George Barr.

Summer 1988, cover art by Stephen Fabian.

Fall 1988, cover art by Carl Lundgren Studios

Summer 1990, cover art by Frank Kelly Freas

Fall 1990, cover art by Frank Kelly Freas

Winter 1990/1, cover by Thomas Kidd

Spring 1991, cover art by Gahan Wilson

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