Friday, August 28, 2009

ACBA Sketchbook, 1975

The ACBA (Academy of Comic Book Artists) is a professional organization founded in 1970. The ACBA functioned as an honorary society, presenting Shazam awards for outstanding comic book work from 1970-1975. The Academy has also worked for increased rights for comic book creators, particularly around the return of original art to the artist. The ACBA published several sketchbooks as fundraising tools. Below are some what I feel are some of the better pieces from the 1975 sketchbook. Read a review of the 1973 edition at Ink Destroyed My Brush.

Cover by Bernie Wrightson.

Frank Brunner

Neal Adams

Michael Whelan

Russ Heath

Bernie Wrightson

Harvey Kurtzman

Michael Kaluta

Gray Morrow

Back Cover by Jeff Jones.

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