Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Night Catch-Up

I should have posted this last week in my Badtime Stories post. Here's a review of that book from Monster Times #6, April 1972.

A friend of mine has started a blog featuring screencaps of titles of classic horror, exploitation, and science fiction movies. Check it out.

Joe Bloke over at Grantbridge Street just posted "The Laughing Man" by Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson.

BookSteve recently posted an old promo video for Wrightson's illustrated edition of Frankenstein. You can watch it below:

While searching for the video above, I found another Wrightson Frankenstein segment from a British documentary. The first part incorporates some of the above video, but around 1:58 some different stuff starts. Bernie talks about Boris Karloff. It's pretty cool:

Since this seems to be turning into the Bernie Wrightson roundup, I'll mention that the new issue (#46) of Amazing Figure Modeler has an interview with Bernie.

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