Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Wrightson Drawing

Below is a drawing I purchased from Bernie Wrightson at the Heroes Con in Charlotte last weekend:

It is a concept sketch for a cover Bernie did for a Vertigo titled American Vampires. Apparently this is a "variant" cover for issue #2. I'm not sure exactly what that means except for the fact the comic is a lot more expensive. Once again I'm reminded why I don't buy new comics much anymore. (Of course that didn't stop me from ordering a copy.) Below is a scan of the finished cover art from the Vertigo blog.

I will soon have some pictures of the con posted when I get my camera back from they guy whose car I left it in.

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Wayne Tully said...

Seeing the concept sketches really do inspire as an artist myself, I loved Bernie Wrightson's work on Swamp Thing, all the detail in his work for all to see was just intense.

This vampire sketch is really cool, cheers for highlighting it!