Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yeah, nurses. I had run across the image below of the cover art for Nurse Kate's Mercy Flight and liked it. It's done in this 1960's, slick commercial style I like, plus it is hard not to get a chuckle out of the cheesy stud pilot guy in the background. So I was looking for other nurse art to post with it, and damn, there's a lot stuff with nurses on it out there.

I'm saving Nellie the Nurse for her own post sometime in the near future.

Cover art for Nurse Kate's Mercy Flight, Ace Books, 1968. Book by Virginia Smiley, unknown artist.

The Nurses
#3, October 1963. Gold Key Comics.

Cover art for Dr. Barry's Nurse, Ace Books, 1968. Art by Rudy Nappi. The same guy who did the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew covers in the mid-1960's.

Myra North, Special Nurse. Four Color (series 1) #3, Dell Comics, 1940.

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joe bloke said...

see, I love nurses, but they never look like they do in my dreams.