Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wood's Weird Science

Weird Science covers by Wally Wood. Scans of original art and the published comics.

By coincidence, Cloud 109 just posted Wood's story The Gray Cloud of Death from this issue.

Weird Science #9, September 1951.

Weird Science #12, March 1952.

Weird Science #13, May 1952.

Weird Science #14, July 1952.

Weird Science #15, September 1952.

Weird Science #18, March 1953.


CH2P said...

I really like your blog
brilliant collection of neat visuals
feel free to check out mine
(Mondorama 2000 is dedicated to vintage colour illustrations taken from
french childrens encyclopedias (1950's to 1970's)
hope you like it

Peter Richardson said...

Absolutely beautiful work and love the subtle time desaturated quality of those Woody covers.

Many thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos from Caracas, Venezuela,