Saturday, April 2, 2011


Young Love #89, November 1971.

Untamed Love #1, January 1950. Cover art by Bill Ward.

True Love #1, January 1986. Cover art by Dave Stevens.

Our Love Story #4, April 1970. Cover art by John Buscema.

Modern Love #1, June 1949. Cover art by Al Feldstein.

Love Problems and Advice #4, December 1949. Cover art by Lee Elias.

DC Super Giant #21, January 1971.


Mitchell said...

Love Big John Buscemas cover for Young Love right up at the top there. Romance comics are so underated. I used to swipe them when I was a kid if I found them laying around. I never wanted my friends to know I had quote "GIRL" comics, but I used to pull them out with the door bolted shut and try to draw all those gorgeous girlies. Some terrific art in those books!

Christian Fasy said...

Sorry, guys, but the artist is John Romita, not Buscema.

Charles Armentano said...

Sorry again, I created and inked this cover.

Charlie Armentano