Friday, May 6, 2011

Marvel Fanfare #2

I started collecting comics in a big way in 1982. This was when Marvel and DC had just started printing comics on nice paper, if I recall Marvel Fanfare was printed on slick "baxter" paper and Marvel was printing some of their direct-sales titles on "mando" paper. This was also when direct sales and comic shops we're taking off in a big way. Frank Miller's Wolverine mini-series came out that year and Dave Stevens' Rocketeer debuted in Starslayer #2, good times. Michael Golden was one of the first artists I noticed and started collecting. Just a couple months after it came out, Marvel Fanfare #2 was being touted as having "low distribution" and back issues were going for the then high price of $6.00. I think I got a deal and paid $5.00 for mine.

I don't remember much about this story, but it was continued from a storyline started in issue #1, and obviously it involved Spiderman turning into an actual spider. This issue also had a story by Paul Smith, another one of my favorites of that period. Below is a scan of the cover of Marvel Fanfare #2 and a scan of the original art. The issue is cover dated May 1982 and the retail price was $1.25.

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