Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Groovy Kind of Love

Girls' Romances #132, April 1968. Cover art by John Rosenberger.

Girls' Romances #136, October 1968. Cover art by Jim Scott Pike.

Girls' Romances #143, September 1969. Cover art by John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta.

Girls' Romances #144, October 1969. Cover art by Nick Cardy.

Girls' Romances #152, October 1970.

Girls' Romances #153, December 1970. Cover art by Nick Cardy.

Girls' Romances #158, July 1971.


BrittReid said...

I'm pretty sure Girls' Romances #132 is Gene Colan pencils, at least.

Luis said...

The artwork on ALL of these covers is fantastic. I love the use of patterns or stripes on the clothing which give the figures a very realistic touch.