Friday, December 9, 2011

Dark Age: A Collection of Fantasy Art

Dark Age is an art zine published in 1982 by Dark Age Productions. I think I got mine in the mid-1980's by mail order from Bud Plant. It is 48 pages and printed on nice paper. In addition to the artists below, it contains a 12 page portfolio of Stephen Fabian illustrations. The magazine also has B&W work by Vaughn Bode, Wally Wood, Jeff Jones, Nestor Redondo, Howard Chaykin, and Reed Crandall.

Quite a lineup. The cover sucks. I think most of the artwork has been published before, but I've never seen the Wrightson dragon piece below before. That alone made it worth the $3.95 to me.

Bernie Wrightson

Michael Kaluta

Alex Nino

Bernie Wrightson

Roy Krenkel

John Severin

Back cover by Richard Corben.

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