Wednesday, June 27, 2012

P is for Pinup

Unknown photo.

Sunbather by Al Beull.

Miss Nassau by Pearl Frush, 1947.

Tomorrow is Murder by Ron Lesser.

Two of Clubs by Vargas.

Making Friends by Gil Elvgren, 1951.

Posing on the Fence by Earl Moran, n.d.

Hanging Around by Arnold Kohn, n.d.

Brown and Bigelow Calendar illustration, by Ernest Chiriacka, circa 1953.

Esquire Calendar Illustration by Al Moore, October 1951.

Pinup in Black Gloves by Fritz Willis, n.d.

Cat Lady by Chris Achilleos, 1998.

Princess Leia by Enrique Torres, n.d.

Phantom Lady #17, April 1948. Cover art by Matt Baker.

Sheena 3-D Special #1, 1985. Cover art by Dave Stevens.

Vampirella #78, May, 1979.

...and a few shots of Bettie Page, courtesy of Bettie Page is All the Rage!


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