Friday, October 5, 2012

Web of Horror Art Contest

The third issue of Web of Horror (1970)featured an art contest. Readers were invited to fill in the blank on the operating table with a monster of their imagining. Below is Bernie Wrightson's art as it appeared in the magazine, and below that is a scan of the original art with Wrightson's creature in all its glory.


Joe Jusko said...

Bernie told there was never a 4th issue (or contest winner) because the publisher split town with all the original art and all the money owed Bernie, Jeff, etc.

tom said...

Yes, the story of Web of Horror #4 is a sad one. I know some of Kaluta and the other artists' work for that issue showed up in some fanzines. I'm not sure if Bernie's "Out On A Limb" was intended for that issue or not. There's an image of a cover rough for #4 I've seen that depicts a scene very similar to that story.