Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Neal Adams' Tomahawk

From 1968 to 1970, Neal Adams did a dramatic series of covers for the DC comic Tomahawk. Many of them feature the title hero tied up in some creative way. Several of the earlier issues (#116 - 118) have a limited palette, likely making them really stand out on the newsstand.

Tomahawk #116, June 1968.

Tomahawk #117, August 1968.

Tomahawk #118, October 1968.

Tomahawk #119, December 1968.

Tomahawk #121, April 1969.

Tomahawk #123, August 1969.

Tomahawk #124, October 1969.

Tomahawk #125, December 1969.

Tomahawk #126, February 1970.

Tomahawk #127, April 1970.

Tomahawk #128, June 1970.

Tomahawk #130, October 1970.


Smurfswacker said...

Was the cover for 126 pencilled or at least laid out by Kubert? The main figure and the proportions of the background figures seem very Kubert-esque.

Richard M. said...

I thought the same thing myself as soon as I enlarged it. Thanks for this great gallery. I love looking at Neal Adams' non-super hero covers. These are fantastic.

Joe Jusko said...

Ditto! I thought the same before I even saw the comments.