Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Apparitions Portfolio

Bernie Wrightson's Apparitions portfolio was published by Sal Q. Productions in 1978. It came in an illustrated envelope with four color plates. The signed and numbered edition included an extra B&W plate, "Tarpit." I think this portfolio represents some of his Wrightson's best work from his post-Warren period. These pieces have that great "reach out and grab you" quality, very commercial but at the same time totally unique. And like a good illustration, each one of these looks like a moment pulled from a story, a story that you want to know the rest of!

And I think that zombie piece for the cover is one of Bernie's best zombie drawings. And that Hanover Fiste drawing is likely my favorite mob scene by Wrightson.

Free Fall

Hanover Fiste is Caught Stealing Chickens at the Gentlemen Farmer's Commune, 1897.

Night's End

You're new around here, aren't you?

Tar Pit

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