Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Red Sonja

by various artists.

Alex Ross

Enrich Torres

Frank Cho

John Romita Sr.

Tony de Zuniga


w m. m a h e r said...

Swell post!

w m. m a h e r said...

Swell post!

Arion said...

Great post! I'm a huge Red Sonja fan. Of course, I'm more familiar with the classic version of the character, as depicted by Barry Windsor Smith, John Buscema or Frank Thorne.

Unknown said...

As usual Alex Ross's work is culturally well considered while Cho's, as always, is (semi) post 90s Image fanboy fap-fodder soft core garbage.

James Evert Jones said...

I like Cho's work-- I don't necessarily consider it fap-fodder.

Jim Balent, on the other hand...

Cho's work is no more exploitative than, say, Dave Stevens, Adam Hughes, or even Olivier Coipel's. Further, Red Sonja is certainly no Liberty Meadows, and it looks to me as if Cho makes that clear in the above piece.