Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Al Feldstein's Junior Comics

The comic book Junior was created, written and drawn by Al Feldstein. Feldstein went on to write, draw and edit for the legendary line of EC Comics and took over the editorship of MAD magazine after creator Harvey Kurtzman left. Junior, and its companion title Sunny were both great examples of cheesecake and the "headlight" style of comic book art. Here's a selection of Feldstein's eye-catching covers. A complete collection of both comics are available from IDW.

Junior #9, September 1947.

Junior #10, November 1947.

Junior #11, January 1948.

Junior #12, March 1948.

Junior #13, April 1948.

Junior #14, May 1948.

Junior #15, June 1948.

Junior #16, July 1948.

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