Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wrightson Completionist: Part 4

The fourth in a series of posts highlighting oddball Bernie Wrightson items in my collection.

Back in my early Bernie Wrightson collecting days, something called "Heritage Mailing Label" was always showing up in Wrightson checklists. I figured I'd never get that, and wasn't even sure what it was. By this point I was getting lists from various dealers and buying obscure fanzines and Wrightson portfolios and prints. But who would save a mailing label? And why do these people torture me by putting stuff like this on checklists? I later found out it was used as a label by the publishers of a fanzine called Heritage.

Sometime in the late 1980's, a friend of a friend was liquidating his collection. I came over with lots of cash in hand and picked up a bunch of Wrightson and Kaluta fanzines at decent prices. In this box of the guy's stuff was this padded envelope, with a Heritage Mailing label on it, complete with Bernie Wrightson artwork. I don't even remember if the guy charged me for it. I bought both of his Heritage fanzines and I think he just threw it in there with them. Above is an image of what was once a middling holy grail for me. Unfortunately, a little piece of the image is torn. If I ever see another one for sale in better condition, I'd probably have to buy it.

Doug Murray and Richard Garrison published two fine issues of the fanzine Heritage in 1972. Both issue were dedicated to Flash Gordon.

Pictured below is Bernie's contribution to Vol. I, issue 1B.

Al Williamson and Gray Morrow's cover for Heritage Vol. I, issue 1B.

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