Friday, November 6, 2009

The Nichovev Plot: Solved!

A little while ago I posted about a painting I purchased where I did not know what book it was from or who the artist was. Thanks to some helpful people at LibraryThing I got the book identified. It is "The Nichovev Plot" from the Nick Carter series. The only copy I've been able to find so far was in England (on Ebay) and I just got it in the mail. This edition was published by Charter Books in 1976. Still no ID on the artist aside from the notation "S. Holland" on the back of the painting. It is still cool to know what book it came from.

The blurb on the cover: "Soviet Premier Nichovev vanishes en route to the White House. Nick's mission: find him before detente turns to wholesale murder!" Apparently there are "death worshiping occultists" at the bottom of this.

The Nichovev Plot

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