Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frank Frazetta's Lord of the Rings

Published by Middle Earth, 1975.


Laurent Lefeuvre said...

Hello !

Im' a French cartoonist, heavily influenced by American comic-book artists, especially Frazetta.

Oon my own blog, I've started some special section dedicated to people who copied or "hommaged" Frazetta at one moment or another.

One of these articles is especially dedicated to the works o Frazetta upon Tolkien's books.

You can see it here :

Unfortunately, it's all in French, but similarities talk by themselves don't they ?

Keep chowing som grat artwork !

gg said...

His bare-ass Eowyn doesn't work for me. I like his take on hobbits, though.

andersbac said...

His bare-assed Eowyn works wonders for me!