Monday, July 13, 2009

Blazing Combat and the Combat Quiz

Blazing Combat was James Warren's short-lived attempt at produced a war comic similar to his successful horror titles Creepy and Eerie. Unfortunately, this series only lasted four issues. All four issues sported covers by Frank Frazetta and the interior stores were drawn by some of the best in the business: Wally Wood, Alex Toth, John Severin, Angelo Torres, and Al Williamson to name a few of the highlights.

Fantagraphics Books recently published a hardcover reprint of all four issues. I have not seen a copy, but from everything I've read about it, it sounds very nice.

The "Combat Quiz" was a one-page featuring multiple choice questions about different aspects of military history. This format gave the artists chances to draw one panel depictions of military action ranging from the Crimean War up to the Vietnam War. Below are all four installments of Warren's "Combat Quiz." How do you stack up in combat know-how?

Blazing Combat 1
Blazing Combat #1, October 1965. Art by Alex Toth.

Blazing Combat 2
Blazing Combat #2, January 1966. Art by Angelo Torres.

Blazing Combat 3
Blazing Combat #3, April 1966. Art by Angelo Torres.

Blazing Combat 4
Blazing Combat #4, July 1966. Art by Dan Adkins.

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mikecatron said...

Blazing Combat has just been reprinted by Fantagraphics and is available at most comic stores and the usual online sources.
(Disclaimer: I own the rights to Blazing Combat and conducted the interviews with Warren and Goodwin in the book.)

Preview (video & pdf) here: