Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doctor Doolittle in the Moon

Written and illustrated by Hugh Lofting. Lippincott & Co, 1928.

I picked this up for cheap at the flea market a couple weeks ago and just fell in love with these illustrations. These aren't even half of the illustrations, there is an illustration every three or four pages in the book. Sometimes it looks like he is illustrating random sentences from the book, the randomness of it is one of the things that cracks me up.

The drawings remind of James Thurber at first glance. Like Thurber and Gary Larson, I love how he can put so much expression in a face with just a dot for an eye and line for a mouth. Particularly in the renderings of Polynesia the Parrot.


Doctor Doolittle in the Moon

Endpaper - Doctor Doolittle in the Moon

Rigged Himself Up Like a Tree

Title Page - Doctor Doolittle in the Moon

Zip! - The spring was made

Jumping was extraordinarily easy

It was different from any tree I have ever seen

The Doctor kept glancing up uneasily

Polynesia soared into the air

Some of the fruits were as big as a trunk

We approached the bluff

The roundness of this world

"You bet they were not!" grunted Polynesia

An enormous footprint

There was more movement in the limbs of the trees

It was a sort of basin

Watching certain shrubs

We always took care to leave landmarks behind us

The plant life became more elaborate

He held them before the lilies

Leaning back munching a piece of yellow yam

A terrible explosion followed

Watch out, Tommy!

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Athena said...

yes I was looking for this book for my neice, I remember it from when I was 8. Love those pictures