Monday, March 1, 2010

Cigarette Cards: Polar Exploration

This is a set of cigarette cards from 1915. It doesn't really fit into the theme of fantasy comic book and illustration art, but I just have two sets of cigarette cards and don't want to start a cigarette card blog with only two posts. These cards are Series 1 of the Polar Exploration set. There was also a Series 2 released in 1916 that focused on Robert F. Scott's ill-fated 1912 expedition. These cards were produced by John Player and Sons.

I'll get back to some blood and guts or cheesecake later this week.

Henry Hudson Cast Adrift, 1911

Shackleton's Diary, 1909

Cabot's Voyage, 1497

Franklin Crossing Lake Prosperous, 1819-1822

Aurora Australis, Shackleton's Expediton

Discovery of Greenland by Eric the Red, 983

Eskimo Hunting Seal

Shackleton's Antarctic Expediton, 1907-1909

Motor Sleigh, Scott's Expedition, 1910

Ferrar Glacier, Shackleton's Expedition

Relic's of Franklin's Expedition, 1845

South Magnetic Pole, Shackleton's Expedition

Cape Royds, Shackleton's Expedition

Ice Mound, Mt. Erebus

Aurora Borealis

How Icebergs Are Formed

Ross at N. Magnetic Pole, 1831

Peary's Ship "Diana," 1899

Eskimo With Dog-Sledge

Ross and Parry's Arctic Expedition, 1818

Visit to Eskimo Village, 1822

Eskimo Toupiks, Greenland

Sir Ernest Shackleton

Andree's Polar Balloon, 1897

Fridtjof Nansen

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Seems like there used to be a time when the word "playa" ment something way cooler than it does now.