Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Michael Kaluta and Starstruck

Starstruck was originally a stage play written by Elaine Lee with costume and set designs by Mike Kaluta. The play was first staged in 1980. Lee and Kaluta collaborated on a prequel to the play that was serialized in Heavy Metal magazine in 1982. These stories were later collected in a Marvel Graphic Novel. The graphic novel was followed by six issues of new material published by Marvel's Epic line of creator owned comics. Later, the Epic issues were reprinted by Dark Horse with new material added. Below are some images by Michael Kaluta from the Starstruck portfolio. The portfolio was published by Sal Q. Productions in 1980 in a signed & numbered edition of 2000. Below the portfolio images are scans of the original art for the Marvel Graphic Novel cover and the back cover for one of the Dark Horse issues.

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