Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grace Kelly

Three nice pictures of Grace Kelly.


Joe Jusko said...

These are simply spectacular! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

They're not spectacular. My god. Grace is perhaps the most overrated actress I can think of. She's cute, even beautiful, but there is something positively creepy in the way people talk about her like she was God-knows-what. She was a mediocre actress, first off. Second, I can walk down an an average city and quickly find you women like her whom no one pays attention to. Even her family has stated in interviews that no one ever thought anything of her, that is, neither her family nor the people at her home town, or anyone for that matter. I'm not saying she's bad, but her father is on record saying she thought of her as the least attractive of his children. Perhaps she had a complex that caused her to seek the adoration she never received from her dad, hence the string of affairs among Hollywood men. Seeking daddy's adoration in another perceived "important man", as many women do.

Anyway, I know perfectly well why the reaction. It's because Hollywood wield's an impressive power over people's minds. People stop being objective as soon as Hollywood puts someone, really anyone, in the limelight and tells them to think "yep, this is a BIG DEAL" and repeats that line in every medium available. The same happened to Grace. Hollywood kept reinforcing the "big deal" label, and herd mentality took care of the rest. go ahead. Try to snap out of it and see her for just-another-human-being, and one of many pretty girls with no particular talents or skills. If you can't see her that way, for what she truly is, then you are a poor victim of a creepy series of myths running through American culture. You are separated from the truth, and you choose to believe some delusion because of what it makes you feel, not because of whether it's true or not. S-A-D, sad.

That and Americans wanted some connection to royalty. So she married a shitty, nobody monarch no one cared about until Hollywood thrust his banal life into the public eye. That's all the media have to do, you know. People reason fallaciously, that just because something is in the media, there must be something special about it. After all, you don't appear in the media just like that. Oh, but you do! It's just the luck of the draw and a few other factors that determine it. Does winning the lottery make you special? No. You're still the same schmuck you were before you won the lottery. The funny balls just happened to line up with the same numbers you chose. But no, people can't deal with that. They really need to believe that there is significance behind rare events. But there isn't. Back to Monaco: no one cared about that puny dump of a principality before Hollywood pointed its smarmy cameras at it (after all, Rainier was scouting actresses precisely because he wanted to attract attention to his miserable piece of barren coastline). The media knows what kinds of stories will sell in a populace raised to crave drama and fairy tales -- the American Dream -- enough to blind them of their senses. So they made it work. Monaco experienced a tremendous boost in capital and the millionaires started buying up overpriced apartments because Monaco was now fashionable.

The truth is not what you or many people believe because people are stupid. QED.

Joe Jusko said...

Holy shit , but that's a lot of venom and anger.