Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to the House of Mystery

Here's a selection of Bernie Wrightson's introduction pages to DC's House of Mystery title.

Bernie had started working for DC in 1969. He began doing these introduction pages in early 1972 and they appeared throughout that year and through most of the next. Speaking about them in A Look Back, Wrightson said:

In those days I could live a lot cheaper than today. So, I didn't need many jobs to pay the rent. I wanted to do a lot of goofing off, playing around. It was my idea to do introduction pages to the mystery books...If I needed money, I would do two or three of the intro pages and pickup whatever I was getting paid at the time, forty-five, fifty dollars for each of them...I could do it in a night. Almost all of them were knocked out in one night.

House of Mystery #201, April 1972.

House of Mystery #203, June 1972.

House of Mystery #205, August 1972.

House of Mystery #206, September 1972.

House of Mystery #209, December 1972.

House of Mystery #211, February 1973.

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