Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Do You Say "Xenozoic" in French?

This is a french language hardcover volume that reprints a couple of Mark Schultz's Xenozoic Tales stories. The cover is a reprint of issue #4 and contains the story "History Lesson" from that issue. Also reprinted is "Excursion" from Xenozoic Tales #5. It was published in 1989 by Comics USA. Here's scans of the front and back covers, plus an ad in the back for the previous volume.

Xenozoic, Flesk Publications, 2010. This volume collects all 14 issues of Xenozoic Tales. Their website said it is sold out or close to it, they are planning a new edition with a new cover.

These three volumes published by Kitchen Sink collected the first 12 issues.

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