Friday, January 25, 2013

John Severin's Lewis & Clark

The Adventures of Lewis and Clark was part of the "Step-Up" series of children's books published by Random House. This volume, published in 1968, was illustrated by John Severin. Other books in this series were illustrated by Jack Davis, Angelo Torres, and George Evans. Here's the cover for the Lewis and Clark book and a selection of Severin's many illustrations in the book.


Smurfswacker said...

Does anyone know the story behind this series? How were a bunch of comics stalwarts selected to illustrate it? Wood did one and if I remember right Torres did also.

Unknown said...

You Have No Idea How Cool This Book
Was To My Childhood
John Severin
Jeez, Just Look At The Detail
Two-Fold History And Again John Severin
Thank's For Memories

Kid said...

I'm having real problems negotiating your blog. When I click on the link on my blog, I arrive on your page, but when I try to scan down, I get a message saying blogspot is not responding. Any ideas what the problem might be?