Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Coming Soon...

Flesk Publications has a new Kickstarter campaign with three books and four prints from Mark Schultz and Al Williamson. There's Carbon 4 in the series of sketchbooks by Mark Schultz. Many of these are fully finished drawings done as commissions and also sketches for different projects. If you're a fan of Schultz, this book will really be a must have.

They are also offering a new collected edition of Mark's Xenozoic Tales work. This one is in a smaller format, making it more portable. It would be terrible to get stuck in a lift or waiting for a bus without some Mark Schultz handy.

As much as I love Mark Schultz's artwork, the third book is the one I'm really looking forward to: Strange World Adventures showcasing the art of Al Williamson. This one is a career overview and promises unpublished and published art shot directly from the original art. If sales on this warrant it, there may be more volumes focusing on specific parts of Williamson's career. 

Flesk is also offering three S&N Schultz prints and one numbered Williamson print. They've already announced at least one cool stretch goal. Flesk always produces high quality books at a very reasonable price, and they've always come through with their Kickstarter projects. Visit the project website and reserve your copy(s) today! The books are slated for release early next year.


If you're a fan of Mark Schultz and Al Williamson, you're more than likely a fan of E.C. Comics. Taschen just released a massive volume The History of E.C. ComicsIf you know anything about the publisher Taschen, this book is big, it is expensive, but it will be worth it.

The author, Grant Geissman, has authored numerous books about the legendary E.C. line of comic books. With this book, the Gaines family opened their archives to him and it promises to have a lot of never before seen art and photos. Of course this book will cover the classic E.C. New Trend comics like Tales From the Crypt and Weird Science but will also cover Max Gaines' role in the founding of the modern American comic book and the Pre-Trend comics of the 1940's and early 1950's.

Like I said, it's expensive ($180 to $200) but it's massive, 592 pages and over 13 pounds. It will have a gallery of every E.C. comic cover, and lots of new information too.

Amazon says it is not coming out until October, but people who ordered it directly from Taschen are reporting it as being already shipped. You can order it here from the publisher. I ordered mine from Bud Plant since I trust their packing and that the book will arrive safely but they appear to have it on back order now. Amazon has it, but do you really want to trust a $200 book to their packaging?


John said...

Wow -- the EC Book sounds killer! And I know what you mean about Amazon; very rarely do I receive a book from them that doesn't have some sort of bump or crease.

tom said...

Fixed Thank you.