Monday, August 31, 2020

Four Dead in Ohio

 John Derf Backderf, the award winning author and artist of Trashed and My Friend Dahmer has a new graphic novel coming out September 4. It's called Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio and will be available in all the usual places. Signed copies are available (as of this writing) for cover price from the independent bookstore Mac's Backs.

The 280 page graphic novel has been in the works for four years. It tells the story of that fateful May 4th in Ohio, but puts in the events in context with what was happening locally and nationally at the time. It also largely tells the story through the point of view of the four students killed that day. Backderf did extensive research for this in primary sources and also interviewed participants and survivors. I've been knocked out by the depth, weight, and artistry of his previous graphic novels and I am really looking foward to this one.

Here's an interview with Backderf published by The Comics Journal. He talks about Kent State a lot, but it also covers his whole career up to this point.

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