Monday, June 29, 2009

Creepy's Loathsome Lore

"Creepy's Loathsome Lore" was a feature that ran in early issues of Warren Publishing's Creepy magazine. The feature focused on true stories (or the legends behind them) of vampires, zombies, and other monsters. They were all written by Archie Goodwin and featured art by the best artists from Warren's stable at that time. Below are the "Loathsome Lore" features from Creepy #2 - 12. It did not run in the first issue.

"Vampires," art by Bob Lubbers. Creepy #2, April 1965.

"Ghouls," art by Jack Davis. Creepy #3, June 1965.

"The Living Dead," art by Al Williamson. Creepy #4, August 1965.

"Zombies," art by Angelo Torres. Creepy #5, October 1965.

"Mummies," art by Roy Krenkel. Creepy #6, December 1965.

"Werebeasts," art by Frank Frazetta. Creepy #7, February 1966.

"Vampires," art by Angelo Torres. Creepy #8, April 1966.

"Abominable Snowmen," art by Roy Krenkel. Creepy #9, June 1966.

"Witchcraft," art by John Severin. Creepy #10, August 1966.

Rochester Rappings
"Rochester Rappings," art by John Severin. Creepy #11, October 1966.

Sea Monsters
"Sea Monsters," art by Dan Adkins. Creepy #12, December 1966.

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