Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Wrightson Completionist: Part 6

The sixth in a series of posts highlighting oddball Bernie Wrightson items in my collection.

In the early 1980's, Marvel and DC began releasing a lot of "Special Editions." These were reprints of classic runs of superhero comics. I remember them reprinting a lot of Neal Adams comics in this format: X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and the Avengers Kree-Skrull war saga. They were usually about 64-60 pages, printed on higher quality "baxter" paper and sold for the then high price of $2.50. In March 1982 Marvel reprinted Steve Engelhart and Frank Brunner's classic Silver Dagger storyline from the first four issues of Doctor Strange. Bernie Wrightson was logical choice to produce the wraparound cover for this collection (if Brunner wasn't go to do it). Brunner's art had a Wrightsonesque quality to it with his lush brushwork and skillful use of shadows. Bernie produced a well-composed spread of Strange in the gullet of the Stealer of Souls: a writhing mass of flesh, tortured souls, and skeletons.

Marvel produced a 12" x 18" promotional poster for this book. It featured the the cover artwork printed on ivory-colored paper. That is the subject of this segment of The Wrightson Completionist. I don't remember where I got mine. Either from Todd (who gets all the stuff nobody else can) or perhaps Dave Hutzley, of the late great Dave's Comics in Royal Oak Michigan gave it to me. I'm glad I've hung on to it all these years, I've never seen one for sale.

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A scan from the original art:

The published comic book cover:

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