Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bernie Wrightson: Out on a Limb!

"Out on a Limb!" was originally published in I'll Be Damned #4 (January 1971). Bernie Wrightson drew the story in 1970 and shows some more maturity and individual style than his earlier fanzine work. The Frazetta influence is not as evident and there more of a smoothness and confidence than in his 1969 and 1970 short efforts for DC's mystery titles. That may be because of the better reproduction in this black and white story.

"Out on a Limb!" has been reprinted in The Mutants and The Reaper of Love. It was also reprinted in a butchered form in the British magazine Hammer's House of Horror #21 under the title "One Too Many."

I've included at the end of this post Wrightson's cover for the never-published Web of Horror #4. It's possible this story was intended for that magazine.


joe bloke said...

lovely stuff. I remember reading it first in the Hammer magazine.

Tom, at the risk of shameless self-plugging, may I point you in the direction of probably my favourite piece of Berni Wrightson art. . .

it's a corker!

tom said...

Yes, the Muck Monster is one of Berni's best stories. It is reprinted in B&W in "A Look Back" and looks even better.

Quiddity99 said...

Reminds me a lot of "Eye for an Eye", the story from EC's Incredible Science Fiction #33 that got rejected by the comics code and eventually published via EC reprints many years later.

Karl Szilagi said...


I have two panels of the first page that were not published. I bought this original back in the late 70's from the Supersnipe Comic Art Gallery in NYC for $40.00 Would you like a scan?