Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life on Other Worlds

A 1978 Science Fiction art portfolio. Featuring art by P. Craig Russell, Howard Chaykin, Walt Simonson, Paul Gulacy, and Al Williamson. The Williamson plate is incredible.

P. Craig Russell

Howard Chaykin

Walt Simonson

Paul Gulacy

Al Williamson


Dave Tackett said...

A gorgeous portfolio. I agree about the Williamson piece (most of his art is great). The Gulacy one is haunting.

tom said...

Yes, Williamson is consistently good. This illustration just really showcases everything that is wonderful about his science fiction art.

Ade Salmon said...

Wonderful stuff ! - I love how back in the 1970's portfolios were the rage. Gulacy's piece here is superb - will stippling ever return I wonder? Thanks for all the rare Wrightson - I'm a big fan of his early work and fanzine pix that don't get seen very often. Keep it up and thanks.


Mitch Itkowitz said...

I published the :Life on other Worlds" portfolio.
I had almost forgotten about that.