Saturday, June 27, 2009

DC War Comics: Blitzkrieg

In 1976, DC debuted the short-live war comic Blitzkrieg. Likely following on the success of Enemy Ace, writer Robert Kanigher tried to present the war from the enemy's point of view. Joe Kubert did all the covers. None of them are outstanding, but just an average Kubert cover is miles ahead of most other comics. Looking again, #1 and #5 are pretty damn cool. The interior artwork was done by Rick Estrada, Lee Elias, and Sam Glanzman. Hopefully later this week I'll run Glanzman's "Battle Album" feature from this title.

Blitzkrieg #1, January 1976.

Blitzkrieg #2, March 1976.

Blitzkrieg #3, May 1976.

Blitzkrieg #4, July 1976.

Blitzkrieg #5, September 1976.

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