Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Batman: Nevermore

Batman: Nevermore is apparently part of the "Elseworlds" series. I'm guessing that's some deal where they can put Batman in historical situations without screwing up the continuity. I don't know and can't be arsed to figure it out right now. The series is written by Len Wein and the art by Guy Davis looks serviceable. The only thing I care about is the series gave Bernie Wrightson a chance to do five nice covers featuring Edgar Allan Poe and a Batman that looks kind of off (in a good way) with a big beak.

Batman: Nevermore #1, June 2003.

Batman: Nevermore #2, July 2003.

Batman: Nevermore #3, August 2003.

Batman: Nevermore #4, September 2003.

Batman: Nevermore #5, October 2003.


Unknown said...

Yeah this periodic series of "outside continuity" comics has been going on for at least 20 years. Some are amazing, most are really stretches... This one looks to fall into the latter category! ;)

FWIW, "Kingdom Come" was the pinnacle of the series. With gorgeous fully-painted art by Alex Ross and an excellent plot by Mark Waid about the old-guard superheroes facing the reality of their all too-modern offspring, it was one of the best comics ever made.

Metin Seven said...
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