Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Odds and Ends

Blonde Phantom #18, July 1948. Cover art by Syd Shores.

Warships Passing the Statue by Robert Oliver Skemp, n.d.

Original art by Bill Everett for Navy Tales #1, January 1957.

Some Cthulhu art I found on the web, I'd like to know what it is.

Jack Kirby's classic cover for Strange Tales #107, April 1963.

All American Men of War #11, June 1954. Cover art by Jerry Grandenetti.

Crashing the Unknown by Chesley Bonestell. Advertising art from Aviation Week, August 21, 1950.

The Sentry
by Hannes Bok, 1944.

A nice picture of Adrienne Barbeau.

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KMB said...

The Cthulhu picture is a promo-illustration for a spanish gaming-convention or magazine, if I understood the sources correctly.

It's illustrated by "Pintureiro". The original is located here:

Very attractive face.