Friday, June 3, 2011

Oddball Comics

In 1994, Kitchen Sink released a set of trading cards called "Oddball Comics." This set feature 36 cards all depicting covers of, well, oddball comics. The trading cards were compiled by artist Scott Shaw! and was based on a popular slide show he often presented at conventions. After I decided to post a few examples from the set, I searched on the internet to see when the cards were originally relea It looks like Scott still has a lively web page all about oddball comics. So here's a taste, then head over to Scott's page and immerse yourself in some comic book weirdness.

Criminals on the Run, vol. 4 #7. June 1949. Cover art by L.B. Cole.

Space Western #40, October 1952. Cover art by John Belfi.

Slapstick Comics
, November 1945.

Popular Teen-Agers #6, November 1950. Cover art by L.B. Cole.

Zoot Comics #2, Summer 1946.

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